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 Typical Begging

Generic Stuff: Potentially cheap stuff that will amuse me to no end. * Mighty Putty - BILLY MAYS HERE FOR MIGHTY PUTTY. MIGHTY PUTTY IS NOT A GLUE...BUT A SUPER-POWERED EPOXY. * Some good RCA cables - I'm talking heavy gauge not-gonna-burn shit. Tired of replacing these things. * Generic Cheap Condenser Microphone - So I can record better quality horn crap when I'm bored. * Plain white shirts - Those nice 100% cotton ones with the single pocket are great, but the cheap ones in the 5-packs are ok, too. No v-necks. Size large. * Plain black socks - A person can never have too many socks. I like the generic sports-style tube socks. Size 12 must be in the size range. * Black Steel Toe Logger Boots - My boots are getting a bit worn. Might as well beg for the good stuff. * Carhartt Jeans - The comfy type. Size 36x30 or so. None of that tight fitting crap. * Liquor - I like cheap brandy, stiff bourbon, and Everclear. * More Billy Joel Music - I don't have: Cold Spring Harbor, Streetlife Serenade, Turnstiles, Glass Houses, The Nylon Curtain, The Bridge, Songs in the Attic * Blink 182 CDs - Apparently I like them. Particularly the album "Enema of the State". Those were the days. * More Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - I don't have: Are A Drag, Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah, Love Their Country, Have Another Ball, Go Down Under * Blue Magic Liquid Metal Polish - Better than Brasso. Look in the automotive section at Walmart. * Blue Magic Metal Polishing Creme - Half-gallon of Blue Magic! lol! * Polishing cloths - Basically all of my horns are dirty and need cleaning. * Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Gotta love that Andrew Lloyd Webber stuff. Except Cats. Fuck Cats. * Cheap Chiefs Jersey - Not that things are looking particularly positive at the moment.
Computer Crap: Things to pretentiously enhance my portal to the real world that is called "computer". * Any decent AM2+ 790FX board - I desperately need a suitable replacement for my MSI 580X. * Cheap Athlon II X2 - My old school tendencies are starting to catch up in a bad way. * AMD Athlon X2 6400+ - These are stupid expensive for some reason, but I guess it's cheaper than a motherboard AND processor. * ATI Radeon 2900 XT - Still too expensive. I can wish though. * SG Propad 6 - Sweet Genesis controller with customizable shoulder buttons. * Cheap ass PS2 controller - I need some kinda analog capable controller for my shooters. Doesn't get any cheaper. Not wireless. * Logitech Netplay Controller for PS2 - This would also be fun to have instead of just a generic PS2 controller. * Tectoy Mega Drive 4 Guitar Idol - I'd settle for a generic guitar controller, but this is a million times sweeter.
Astronomically Expensive Shit: Stuff I'm Not Really Worth BUT OH WELL * Sony GDM-W900 CRT Monitor - Arguably the greatest consumer grade PC monitor ever. I don't really have the desk for it, though.