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 Crazy Project Ideas
ATI 5570: Ridiculous Edition
There's this embarassingly large 5570 on Ebay which could be modified to allow an embarassing amount of power draw.  All of the solder holes are open.  Perfect for such an idiotic mod.  I suppose that someone skilled in soldering could turn this into a great overclocking part though one might wonder what the point is.  This isn't exactly a high end card.

1) Chinese OEM 5570 from Ebay 2) 6-pin Mini-fit Jr. PCB header 3) (Optional) Maybe some improved cooling to make it worth bothering. 4) (Super Optional) Matching mosfets and matching capacitors to add capacity. Total Price: Appox $80 or more depending...
One of a kind 300 CFM fan: 300CFM fan powered by PCIe connector with two extra cables for RPM/PWM. 1) 300CFM Sanace fan fancy PWM version 2) Fan grill 3) 6-pin Mini-Fit BMI Socket 4) 4 pins needed 5) Two 4-pin fan connectors 6) 4 pins needed Total Price: Appox $96 Note: This does technically exceed the PCIe specification, but no other connector is really fit for powering this monstrocity. Depending on how you figure it, it exceeds spec by either 42% (because it only uses two 12V wires) or 24% (total rating). Fortunately, the PCIe spec for the Mini Fit Jr is very conservative and the limitation is more in the power supply. Power supply must have an extra 7.2A available on the connector selected to run this fan at 100%.
Custom MSI LED Debug Output: Convert the MSI standard debug output header to single digit hexidecimal display.
1) Standard 10-pin header plug 2) 8 pins needed 3) 4-bit Hexademical Display 4) some wires to solder the shit together Total Price: Approx $37 Note: I imagine there's different ways to pull this off, but I'd feel most comfortable using a pre-built hexidecimal display than trying to wire the logic myself. Someone skilled in LED drivers could do this more manually.
Custom Audio Inputs and Outputs: Equipment for creating custom input and outputs from the front panel audio header and CD input. 1) Standard 10-pin header plug 2) 5 pins needed 3) Standard 4-pin CD plug 4) 4 pins needed 5) 2 RCA jacks per input/output desired (max 6) 6) 1 3.5mmm jack per input/output desired (max 3) 7) Enough wire for soldering. 8) Something to mount everything to. Total Price: Depends ??? Note: This is just a collection of some parts necessary for fiddling with the front panel audio header.
Ultimate Open Air Motherboard Function Card: A dummy PCI card which would give all of the functionality of the motherboard with no case.
1) Dummy PCI card breadboard thing 2) Sound System Parts: Cables to motherboard Standard 10-pin header plug 5 pins needed Standard 4-pin CD plug 4 pins needed Cables to card 9-pin snap plug 9 pins needed Snap plug socket Output Parts 6x RCA jacks mounted facing the backplane 3x 3.5mm jacks mounted vertical on the dummy card High amp 12 position dipswitch Diagram for dipswitch: 3) Debug System Parts: Cables to motherboard Standard 10-pin header plug 8 pins needed Cables to card 9-pin snap plug 8 pins needed Snap plug socket Debug Code Display (dual method) 4 Red LED display 4-bit Hexademical Display 4) Front Panel Etc Parts: Cables to motherboard Standard 10-pin header plug (FP) Standard 4-pin header plug (SPK) Standard 3-pin header plug (PWR2) Standard 2-pin header plug (BIOS) 16 pins needed Cables to card 16-pin header plug 16 pins needed 16-pin header LEDs 3 LED cluster (G = PWR2, Y = FP PWR, R = FP HDD) Switches 3 push button switches (PWR, Reset, CMOS) Speakers Beeper Speaker Approx Cost: Probably close to $50 :\ Note: Due to unknown voltages on the debug and front panel LEDs, this thing might require some electrical work that I don't have the skills for. Also, I haven't accounted for the 33 some-odd wires required just for the card-to-motherboard connections. This is one hell of an endeaver, but would certainly provide all of motherboard functionality possible without a case (not counting integrated USB/Firewire).
Peltier PC Air Conditioner: Safer usage of a peltier cooler to lower ambient air temps and improve cooling efficiency.
1) 130W Peltier Plate 2) Thermalright Spitfire VGA (Hot side) 3) Thermalright HR-05 SLI (Cold side) 4) 200W 15V Meanwell PSU (Project requires dedicated PSU) Approx Cost: ~$160 Note: The parts don't match the example image because the H50 costs too much and I think that by underloading the cold side, I can partially overcome the limitation of heat dumping limiting efficiency. Also, these two heatsinks might hopefully provide a wide enough "clamp" to reach over and under my full SI-128 and GFB assembly. Maybe not, but whatever. Also, the PSU is necessary.