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 Source Engine Crap
This is some stuff I've made for CS:S. Some of it is probably not so legal due to permissions and such, but too bad.

Custom Nav Pack
C4 Ejection Fix Script
CS 1.6 models for CS:S
All default scripts for CS:S
Fall's HK VP70M
Fix of this map for CS:S. Repairs invisible barrel problem and includes nav. (2.22MB)
Nine custom made navs for various CS:S maps. See readme inside for more info. (1.06MB)
Adds a script to fix the annoying C4 bullet ejection in CS:S.
Replaces the player models with 1.6 look alikes, but you can delete the models in the player folder and use the hexed versions, too.
All decrypted default scripts for CS:S. Does not contain the C4 fix.
Not mine, but it's rare so I'm hosting it for the lulz.

M14: Special Edition (for AK47)
Non-FPSB Special Edition M14. Includes my "port" of Mike's animations and Jennifer's (the old ones) as well. Also, you get another optional stock: wood. Carefully compiled as to not have any dead frames or misplaced attachments. High res green stock in second screenshot not included.

See download for credits. Video here. 7.98MB in ultra compressed zip.

Improved Wood Stock
A much improved wood stock which works on any M14 made by Spezz. Packed to be used with my M14 compile. Requires a little more effort for other compiles. Uses texture work by Millenia and Aceman. Now includes wood barrel shroud texture.

499KB in ultra compressed ZIP.

M14 For Scout
This stupid fucking hack. Was greeted with a much approved crap rating on FPSB, so I know it sucks. Apparently some people don't. See video.

8276KB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Mini UZI (for TMP)
Schmung's mini UZI with Pete's silencer. A delightful blend of smooth goodness. Just like the M14, I recompiled this just so it wouldn't have a single dead frame.

See zip file for credits. 5.28MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Z3R0's Mossberg Recolor
This is a recolor of Sargeant Bash's texture for Z3R0's 590 Mossberg. Lighting contrast has been improved and the wood looks like wood now. Not sure why it was black, but it looked awful. File is packed for this release. Phong has been removed because phong looks like shit.

664KB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Rock Tool Kit
A kit for you to make your own reskins of my rock for knife release. Includes the texture map, some crappy masks, and three textures.

1.43MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Info_Player_Start Mk.II
Recompile of this player model. New features include functional ragdoll, 1x1 textures (faster load), plastic body type, and C4 attachment. Compiled as hexed, urban replacement, and error model replacement. Perfect for servers that use custom admin models when you have downloading disabled.

203KB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Uzi with a stock for UMP45
Crosis+Duffman Uzi with Sproily+Twinke stock for UMP45. Crosis's textures have been semi-blended with the old ass ones to give a darker less noisy look. Attachments have been repaired in the compiling process and I fixed the dead frames, too.

5.74MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

HK53 for FAMAS
This is a really crappy port of this INS release because it's a lot better looking the HK53s currently out for Source. And despite my laziness, the HK53 fits the slot better than the real life FAMAS which has an insane rate of fire.

2.87MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Stechkin APSB for Glock
Flakk's Stechkin. First compile assigning my own bones, doing my own smoothing, and having a correctly mirrored world model.

1.29MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Groza for G3Sg1
Crappy Groza hack for G3SG1. See readme. Video here.

4.13MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

USC for UMP45
USC for UMP45 on Mantuna's animations. See readme. 1.96MB in ultra compressed ZIP.

Forklift for HL2 Buggy
Forklift for HL2/SMOD/etc buggy. Uses the old template I was compiling on and is in general not very good as far as drivability. Maybe someone will use it for GMOD or something. Short vehicles like this are unsuitable for Buggy replacements, so I've discontinued any progress on forklifts in general. Video here.

3.45MB in ultra compressed ZIP.