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 QQ Emoticons
Official Emoticons Not Included with Latest QQ2009

My Own Work
Ripoffs and remakes crafted by my imagination and Animation Shop skills.

Hover for descriptions and official shortcut

MSN High Quality Emoticons for QQ - A full port of my Miranda IM MSN emoticon set in eif format. Download Here (4.84MB)

Note: Visual anomoly with black background is just that. Emoticons appear fine in the box.

Extra Tencent Emoticons Pack for QQ - Various old icon sets in eif format. Download Here (2.17MB)

QQ2008 Set -- Complete with hidden VIP emoticons using QQ Mail English descriptions. Only VIP emoticons have shortcuts.

QQ Games Set -- Includes "Thumb People" and "Super Player Zone" emoticons with real shortcuts and descriptions (w/ my translations).

QQ Mail Set -- Includes official English descriptions (when available). QPig, QGG, QMM, and Scupio subsets.