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 Custom Firefox Search Engines
Screw toolbars and addons that don't do anything remotely useful. Try these search engines instead. All custom search engines include icons so they look pretty. ROM keeper search hates multiple word searches just like the real thing, so don't use them.

NewEgg Search By Lowest Price
Rapid Library RapidSearch
ROM Keeper ROM Search
DopeROMs ROM Search

To install:
Copy file to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins (or equivalent)

 Modified Greasemonkey Scripts
Sometimes you get a Greasemonkey script and it's just missing that something. No more! Here's some of my modified Greasemonkey scripts. Credits to the original authors because without them, I couldn't have even come close to doing this. I'm not a Javascript genius. You will, of course, need Greasemonkey.

YouTube Force Embedded Player v1.3
GameTrailers Force Embedded Player v1.0
Adds ability to display largest available picture for flash embedded images. (Original)
The NewEgg Quick Viewer ported to NewEgg China! (Original)
Reorganized, includes new links, and is easier to modify. (Original)
Modification of NewEgg Quick Viewer for use on MySpace. (Original)
Forces the classic styled YouTube embedded player. Now with various options [see source code]. (Original)
Force GameTrailers videos to use the embedded player thus defeating the advertisement system.

To install:
1) Install Greasemonkey.
2) Click link.

 Ad-Aware SE Personal Automatic Definition Updater
Fight the power and keep using your old version of Ad-Aware that isn't slow. Using the power of a couple programs that I'm probably not supposed to distribute this way, Ad-Aware SE Personal can be updated with a simple desktop link. To be specific, I've written a batch file which employs URL2File and the command line version of 7-Zip.

Download Here

To install:
1) Copy contents to C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal (or equivalent)
2) Make a shortcut to update.bat

To use:
1) Run shortcut
2) Sit and wait until the DOS window disappears (it will eventually)

Apparently, the public defs haven't been updated since March 30. Use at your own risk.

 Links and Misc
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Javascript Tic Tac Toe
Visual Basic Crap

Pugsy's Cheats
Pugsy's Forum
MAME Plus!

Old Versions of Ad-Aware SE Personal

My MySpace Profile
My Xanga Blog
Gamebanana Profile
Old Shockwave game.

I made this a long time ago. It requires two humans or one that's really bored.
More crap I made. Includes a VB version of TTC, a decent calculator, and a joke no one will get.

Website where you can get the official MAME cheat package.
You probably came from here. You can see some of my other work or leave requests. Etc.
Get MAME Plus! here, if for some awful reason you don't have it.

If you like discontinued software, you'll love this.

After careful consideration, I decided to link my MySpace.
My Xanga. I occasionally blog something there.
And this is my profile on FPSB Gamebanana. More like LAMEbanana. Abandoned POS.