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 Addons for Doomsday Engine
Here's some mods that I've done for Doomsday engine. Extract the contents to a suitable location and install them in Snowberry. Doomsday can be found here. I recommend version 1.9.0-beta4 because that's what I use and it works for me. If a newer version works for you, then go right on ahead and use it. I don't picture my mods failing to be compatible for any reason.

Gore Pack - Plasters sprites instead of particles. Includes mod for Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Chex. Doom comes with gibs on explosive deaths. Gibs meaning a skull and some random chunks that can stick to walls. Download Here (10KB)

Doom 32X - Unfinished Doom 32X mod. Pretty much just maps ripped from the 32X game, mostly correct music, and a working finale after MAP23. Proper map cycling not working so don't try to go to the secret level. Valid maps are 1-24. Download Here (998KB)

Chex Quest Pack - Chex Quest 1 and 2 mods. Includes particles and such. To play Chex Quest 1, enable Chex_Quest.pk3 on an unmodded Doom game. To play Chex Quest 2, enable Chex_Quest_2.pk3 on top of Chex Quest 1. Download Here (5.9MB)

Modification Pack 1 - A pack of random weapons mods. Most of these are weapons based on alpha resources, but there's some other things in there too. Fixes, particles, etc etc. Some of these weapon mods act like the original weapons and some don't. I'll describe everything for you. Download Here (1.41MB)

Rifle_for_Pistol.pk3 - It acts just like the plain jane pistol. There is nothing particularly special about it. This is the rifle straight from Alpha 0_4. I think I cleaned up the sprites, but it's still ugly. The original rifle sprite used a bad angle. This was addressed in later sprite work.
Improved_Rifle_for_Pistol.pk3 - I've modified the bayonet to produce a better looking rifle. This is basically the Alpha 0_4 rifle with the proper angle and some clean up.
Custom_Rifle_for_Pistol.pk3 - A custom hack based on various resources. This was my first idea for an improved rifle before using the bayonet.
Alpha_Shotgun.pk3 - It acts just like the normal shotgun. This is the shotgun from the Alpha versions. I didn't bother to clean up the graphics for the player view, but who cares? This thing sucks anyways. It's only here for the sake of having it. - This is the bayonet from the Alphas. This mod is little more than a graphical replacement for the fists. The timing and other behavior is the same.
Alternate_Plasma_Rifle_and_BFG.pk3 - 5 damage never hurt so good. This mod makes significant changes to the behavior of the BFG and Plasma Rifle. First, the Plasma Rifle fires with the same timing as the Shotgun. The single projectile is green (an old unused sprite) and deals explosion damage. The BFG fires this same projectile with the timing of the original Plasma Rifle (think Quake 3). Enjoy my awesome particle work as you watch the pretty green ball burn its way through the air and blow something to smithereens. - Alpha 0_4 machinegun for Chaingun. Simple right? Not quite. I've modded the behavior a tiny bit. It only shoots once per click. This makes it fast and more accurate to peck with but less accurate to spam with.
Automatic_Shotgun_for_Super_Shotgun.pk3 - Tired of that boring Double Barrel shotgun? Need something that packs a punch? Try this for fun. Uses the same action as the shotgun, so this more or less gives you the power of a Spider Mastermind.

Note: Don't use this in Doom 1, not that there's a reason you would. - Trade in your boring BFG for automatic Super Shotgun. Still uses cells, but it's just one per shot, so it's still noobtastic. Uses the Alpha 0_5 machinegun graphic.

Don't use this with my other BFG mod. - Enables the Supershotgun in Doom 1.

The chainsaw becomes a starting weapon. Double shotty replaces fist slot. You must cheat to get the Super Shotgun. Done this way due to limitations of the system and other stuff. - Shell ejection via the particle system. Now you and some enemies eject shells. Fun for the whole family. There's bullet shells and shotgun shells. Particles die off quick to save performance and because there's only the one sprite which looks dumb when it slides too far.

Note: Due to limitations of the system, the player can only eject bullet shells and does so when firing a missle or BFG.
DoomParticles.pk3 - jDoom custom particle mod with long lasting blood from all deaths.

HexenParticles.pk3 - Particles for jHexen. I don't remember, but I might actually have done a lot of work for this.

HereticParticles.pk3 - And more of my bloody spamorific particles, this time for jHeretic. - Makes the SS capable of aiming in 8 directions and gets rid of that missed purple spot.

Modification Pack 2 - A pack of random mods. I wanted this to be bigger, but I ran out of ideas. Download Here (544KB)

Terminator.pk3 - Custom monster replacement for Hell Knight. Terminator has a long range chain gun attack, a close range shotgun attack, and custom sounds. He's otherwise similar to a Hell Knight. He's quite feisty and tends to incite infighting where he fares well. Original ZDoom monster by Vader. Has actions for my custom shell particles, so hopefully there's no problem if you don't have that installed.
Spectre.pk3 - Custom monster replacement for Spectre. Seeking Spectres are similar to Lost Souls, but they lack a ranged attack. Instead, they try to get in close where they self-destruct. They also explode on death, so these are certainly very dangerous enemies. You could compare them to floating barrels. Seeking Spectres have a bad habit of causing infighting when another monster kills them.
Demon Target.pk3 - Makes demon spawn targets highlighted on final boss levels.

Chaingunfix.pk3 - Replaces the pistol sound with something more rifle like and replaces all chaingun actions with pistol actions.

archvileparty.pk3 - Archviles can revive any enemy -- even the player, technically.

ExplosiveBullets.pk3 - Bullet puffs do explosive damage.

infight.pk3 - Simple dehacked patch which toggles the ability for any monster to cause infighting.