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 Weapon Mod Pack for DeusEx
Some guns I made.  Includes some blatant ripoffs.

This is mostly intended to work with Shifter, so if you have trouble with it in standard DeusEx, that's why.

Download Here (124KB)

How to use:
1) Install SilencedGun.u in DeusEx/System
2) Enable cheats
3) Summon stuff with the console or command line

Example: Summon SilencedGun.WeaponExtinguisher

Secret Service Pistol A pistol with alternate silencer function and various useful munition options such as non-lethal training bullets. Primary: Shoot Secondary: Toggle Silencer Weapon: WeaponBeretta Ammo: (Ammo10mm),(Ammo10mmEX),AmmoTrain
Espionage Crossbow A crossbow with 9 different arrows (including the default 3) at your disposal. Perfect for espionage missions. Explosive Darts Primary: Fire an explosive dart. Excellent for breaking doors. Secondary: Fire an EMP dart. EMP darts can be used to disable robots or just make noise. Alliance Darts Primary: Fire a dart which makes the target your ally. Can cause infighting. Secondary: Fire a dart which makes the target your enemy. Hypno Darts Primary: Fire a dart which makes the target follow you around like a cohort. Secondary: Fire a dart which makes the target stop following you. Noise Darts Primary: Fire a dart which makes a loud noise. The dart can be picked up and reused. (Lasts 30 seconds) Secondary: Fire a dart which makes static noise. (Same as Warren's EMP Field) Heal Darts Primary: Fire a dart which heals the target 5 HP. Secondary: Fire a dart which creates radiation. Nice for "therapy". Steal Darts Primary: Fire a dart which steals the target's inventory or picks up items. Secondary: Fire a dart which makes any hackable device hacked and generates keys for locked doors. (Generic bullshit cheat) Weapon: WeaponCrossbow Ammo: AmmoDartBoom, AmmoDartAlliance, AmmoDartFollow, AmmoDartNoise, AmmoDartHeal, AmmoDartSteal, (AmmoDart), (AmmoDartPoison), (AmmoDartFlare) Projectiles: DartBoom, DartEMP, DartAlliance, DartHate, DartFollow, DartStop, DartNoise, DartWarren, DartHeal, DartRadiation, DartSteal, DartBreakIn, (Dart), (DartPoison), (DartFlare)
Fire Extinguisher A reloadable handheld fire extinguisher which can load Halotron V or poison gas cartridges. It's pretty similar to the item, but reusable. Halon really does put out fires in game. Primary: Shoot gas Secondary: Nothing Weapon: WeaponExtinguisher Ammo: AmmoHalon, AmmoPoison Projectiles: Extinguish, Poison
Riot Gun A shotgun with more practical purposes than killing people. Normal ammo is non-lethal rubber ball shot. There is also the option of breaching slugs and (if you have Shifter) Dragon's Breath rounds. Primary: Shoot Secondary: Nothing Weapon: WeaponRiotGun Ammo: AmmoRiot, AmmoBreach, (AmmoDragon), (AmmoShell), (AmmoSabot), (Ammo10mmEX) Projectiles: SparkShot
Prototype Stealth Rifle A silenced assault gun with steady firing rate, adaptable ammo chambering, and tactical flashlight. Primary: Shoot Secondary: Flashlight Weapon: WeaponSilenced Ammo: (Ammo762mm), (Ammo10mm), (Ammo10mmEX)
Spiderbot Taser Wield the power of the spiderbots with this handheld prototype of the Chiang ARCBOT weapon. Initially designed for repairing stuff, the taser comes with a nice built in light for dark spaces. You can shoot electronic devices and make them go haywire. Primary: Shoot Secondary: Glowlight Weapon: WeaponTaser Ammo: (AmmoBattery)
Portable Turret An autonomous turret converted into a portable 30.06 minigun. It comes with a built in pair of binoculars for some reason and can fire incendiary rounds and 10mm explosive rounds (if you have Shifter). This weapon is rather loud, so don't fire it unless you intend to get everyone's attention. Primary: Shoot Secondary: Binoculars Weapon: WeaponTurret Ammo: (Ammo3006), (Ammo10mmEX), AmmoIncendiary
Halon Gas Grenade A grenade capable of extinguishing fire and distracting enemies. Primary: Throw/Stick Secondary: Nothing Switch Ammo: WeaponPoisonGrenade Weapon: WeaponHalonGrenade Ammo: AmmoHalonGrenade Projectiles: HalonGrenade
Poison Gas Grenade A gas grenade filled with pesticide. Primary: Throw/Stick Secondary: Nothing Switch Ammo: WeaponCigGas Weapon: WeaponPoisonGrenade Ammo: AmmoPoisonGrenade Projectiles: PoisonGrenade
CigGas Grenade A sleeping gas grenade cleverly disguised as a pack of cigarettes. You can also smoke the cigarettes and blow the sleeping gas. There are 12 cigarettes in a pack. Primary: Throw/Stick Secondary: Smoke a cigarette Switch Ammo: WeaponHalonGrenade Weapon: WeaponCigGas Ammo: AmmoCigGas Projectiles: CigGasGrenade, CigGas
Holographic Decoy Produce a decoy to distract enemies. Primary: Generate hologram Secondary: Detonate hologram Reload: Deactivate hologram Switch Ammo: WeaponDisguise Weapon: WeaponHologram Ammo: None Projectiles: JCHologram Video Demonstration
Disguise Kit Disguise your faction alignment to fool enemies. You can blame events on others or just be really sneaky. Primary: Open disguise kit window Secondary: Revert to normal Reload: Disguise yourself as a target Switch Ammo: WeaponLaser Weapon: WeaponDisguise Ammo: None Video Demonstration
Phaser An excellent device for heating coffee or killing people. Phaser has a very small cool down period between shots. Lasers now bounce off of reflective surfaces. Laser Strength Settings: - Stun mode only stuns the target. No damage. - Heat sets things on fire. No direct damage. - Kill irradiates the enemy to death. High damage only to living things. - Disintigrate deals massive damage. Massive damage to anything. Primary: Shoot a laser Secondary: Change laser strength setting Reload: Report current laser strength setting Switch Ammo: WeaponDeployRobot Weapon: WeaponLaser Ammo: None Projectiles: laser Video Demonstration
Deployable Robot Tool Deploy a robot helper! Primary: Deploy Robot / Engage Target / Terminate Robot Secondary: Manually aimed attack Reload: Call robot to follow you Switch Ammo: WeaponHologram Weapon: WeaponDeployRobot Ammo: None Projectiles: DeployRobot Video Demonstration
JC Tenton's Candy Bar JC Tenton's weapon of choice -- a tasty treat! Primary: Eat a bite (Eat 6 and the candy bar is destroyed) Reload: Burp Weapon: WeaponCandy Ammo: None Video Demonstration
Other Crap: Summon these things for various effects. TrainingFlagDelete -- Removes all of the flagtriggers that strip your inventory on the training levels. CheatComputers, CheatTech -- Makes you capable of hacking infinitely and instantly on highest levels. CheatVision -- Makes your highest levels of Augvision see ridiculously far TinFoilHat -- Infinite duration powerup that jams your infolink! JCTenton -- Fatass nanoaug agent! Reflector -- Infinite duration powerup that reflects projectiles giving you credit for shooting them.